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Italian design and technical excellence in material science. 


Hydroemission opened its newest and largest manufacturing facility in Malaysia in 2020, at the heart of the region with one of the world's most dynamic manufacturing traditions.

The new facility is significantly larger and has more resources than the previous facility, which opened in Singapore in 2003.

The new facility is a completely new structure, both in form and substance, with more than 8,000 square feet of space where about 20 people carry out their specialized work.

The new facility brings together all the main operations and technical skills needed to create a product of excellent quality. It is the place where the technical and innovative spirit of the brand is best expressed, nurtured by the Singaporean tradition of research and development.


Hydroemission's ScentFilm is a patented, innovative ambient scenting product that was originally developed for businesses but is now also available to consumers. 
It uses a proprietary Green Technology to continuously release a scent into the environment without requiring any machinery, electricity, or mechanical installation. 

The ScentFilm is invisible after application, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

The Scentfilm is the only ambient Scenting proposition that  was granted a Green Label by the Singapore National Environment Agency and the Halal Certification by MUIS Singapore (both certifications have expired and are currently under renewal).

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