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We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment  

Sustainability is a core principle at Hydroemission -the company which manufactures the Scentfilm-, extending beyond manufacturing to every aspect of the brand. Hydroemission has steadily expanded its sustainability efforts, both internally and externally, through outreach and education. 


Eco-Logical is the brand's sustainability framework, organized into five pillars:


  • Product: Hydroemision is committed to designing and manufacturing products with minimal environmental impact.  This means leveraging on proprietary knowledge of Material Science to identify approaches to avoid particulate, using recycled materials, reducing waste, and developing sustainable packaging. 


  • Operations: Hydroemission is working to reduce its environmental footprint in its own operations. This includes using renewable energy, reducing water consumption, and improving energy efficiency.

  • Supply Chain: Hydroemission is working with its suppliers to adopt sustainable practices. This includes using recycled materials, reducing waste, and ensuring fair labor standards.

  • Community: Hydroemission is committed to supporting sustainable initiatives in the communities where it operates. This includes investing in renewable energy, supporting environmental education programs, and creating jobs.

  • People: Hydroemission is committed to creating a sustainable workplace for its employees. This includes promoting diversity and inclusion, offering training and development opportunities, and providing a safe and healthy work environment.


Hydroemission commitment to sustainability is reflected in its Eco-Logical framework, which encompasses all aspects of the brand's operations and activities.

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